Email Marketing

mailchimp-logoThrough our email partner, MailChimp, Blue Vision offer an extensive range of email opportunities including automatic emails, newsletters, contact forms and data collection forms. We design, build and blast fully branded bespoke eShots adhering to the strict anti-spam, design, code and best practice guidelines required for email marketing.

We also offer real-time activity reporting showing subscribers stats, such as open rates, click-through rates, who opened, what they clicked and how many times. This gives us valuable information to create highly targeted email campaigns.

Automatic Emails

Automatic emails, or auto-responders as they are also known, allow you to contact your customer base at certain times of the day without you needing to be in front of a computer or even anywhere near your office or mobile phone. Auto-responder emails can be set up to react to your customers actions or even just to send them an email long after you have finished work.

Data collection forms

Through our email package, you can now have forms on certain pages on your website where potential clients can sign up for updates, offers or even just to be put on your mailing list where they can receive information on new products or services. Each form can link through to an automatic email and send your potential customer a welcome email as soon as they sign up. Clever, eh?

Social Media

Blue Vision can also offer a full social media integration with your email campaigns so that your social media base also see your email activity, making sure each customer sees what you have to offer.